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Encore! Fall Play Survey

Encore has the opportunity to perform a dramatic play in the fall, directed by Mrs. Panyard. This is a new drama opportunity in addition to the spring musical. The play will be performed at the Hershey Area Playhouse October 20-22, 2017. The show is being considered now and will be announced in another month or so.

This opportunity is for high school students only and whatever play is chosen will have limited roles, so auditions will be competitive. All high school students, whether they receive a part or not, are encouraged to become involved in this production–in front of the curtain or behind the scenes by shadowing the director, helping with costumes, set, props, make-up, and possibly sound and lighting. Our goal is to do this with few demands on parents.

The rehearsal schedule will not be as demanding as the musical and once the cast is set, Mrs. Panyard will try to be as flexible as possible with students’ conflicts. Auditions will take place the end of August and all rehearsals will be at the Hershey Area Playhouse in the afternoons. The entire process should take 7 weeks, including performances.

Requirements for participation include a $45 participation fee, purchase of your own script (about $10) and attending regular rehearsals. No fundraising is required, but you will be encouraged to sell tickets, with a goal of 30 per student. Parents will have little to no responsibilities for the show, but we will welcome volunteers for some jobs, i.e.: simple concessions, cleaning the playhouse before the show opens, gathering props, adjusting costumes, stage crew etc.

This production will be a learning experience for the students. Mrs. Bell will offer a lecture or two on the significance of the play and its value. Students can earn ¼ or ½ of an English credit. The focus of the experience for the actors will be on learning to develop your character and telling a story. Drama exercises and improvisation will be incorporated.

To try to gauge who would be interested in this opportunity, please fill out the survey question. If you are a student, please consult with your parents first so we have as accurate a response as possible.

Please fill out the following Survey:

Encore Fall Play Survey

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