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S&S List of Characters

Characters in Sense & Sensibility

Auditions are open to high schoolers, and 7-8th grade girls for the part of Margaret. Some parts may be doubled and/or tripled.



Dashwood Family

Elinor Dashwood: The sensible one. The eldest Dashwood sister.

Marianne Dashwood: The sensitive one (emotional sometimes.) The middle Dashwood sister.

Margaret Dashwood: The youngest Dashwood sister. Very funny who is very blatant in her      comments. 7th and 8th grade girls may audition for this part.

Mrs. Dashwood: Mother to the Dashwood sisters, who just lost her husband. She is motherly and   sometimes a little frantic.

John Dashwood: Half-brother to the Dashwood sisters (no relation to Mrs Dashwood.) He stands to inherit the family money.

Fanny Ferrars Dashwood: Wife of John and sister to Edward. She is nasty and snobbish (very fun to play!)


Edward Ferrars: a gentleman and a bachelor (and I imagine very handsome.)

Robert Ferrars: Edward’s younger brother. He is inexperienced and immature.


Colonel Brandon: An older bachelor, very kind and gentlemanly.

John Willoughby: A charming, but sly young bachelor.


Sir John Middleton: A country gentleman and a distant relative to Mrs Dashwood. Very nice, but also nosy.

Lady Middleton: Sir John’s wife–very stuck up woman. She may be played by a female or a male.

Mrs Jennings: Mother to Lady M, very boisterous woman who knows everything about everybody.


Lucy Steele: A young girl with no fortune, but her eyes are on Edward.

Anne Steele: Lucy’s sister, very discreet, but annoying.


Gossips 1-5: A chorus of high-society creatures who act as narrators at times, may play small parts, servants and dogs. Yes, dogs. Must be very comedic in timing and delivery of lines. These guys and girls are really funny.


Auditions are open to high schoolers, and 7-8th grade girls for the part of Margaret. Some parts may be doubled and/or tripled.

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