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Encore FAQ

Being a part of the Encore! Team requires many elements of talent, time and resources!  All these things come together to put on a wonderful show, by our awesome Cast and Crew!

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help guide you in the process!

Encore! began in 2001, the brain child of Debra Bell, as a way to give homeschoolers the same type of theatrical opportunities as public schooled children had.  It became officially incorporated as Encore! Home School Productions in November of 2006 – the year we tackled our first musical.

  1. What is Encore’s Mission Statement?
    1. To glorify God;
    2. To supplement local educational programs for home schooled students by establishing opportunities to learn, develop, enhance, and challenge new skills associated with theatre productions;
    3. To teach students to listen, discern, and think both critically and creatively, increasing students’ cultural awareness through participation in both classic and contemporary theatrical productions of artistic excellence; and
    4. To advance the social, cultural and recreational welfare of the residents of Harrisburg and surrounding communities by promoting the theatre and performing arts through the presentation of live theatre productions which are suitable for all ages thereby fostering a strong, involved community.
  2. How is Encore set up?
    • ​​We are a Pennsylvania non-profit 501(c)3 organization and so we have tax-exempt status with the IRS.  We are an all volunteer organization and the money we need to produce the shows we do comes from corporate sponsors, actor’s dues, ticket sales, program ads and well wishes, and donations – both from patrons and as gifts-in-kind.
  3. Who is on the Board of Directors?
    • President – Debra Bell
    • Secretary – Erin Sunday
    • Treasurer – Christine Monroy
    • Vicki Dincher
    • Debby Erb
  4. What are my responsibilities if my child is involved in Encore?
    • ​Dues are $55.00 per child, with a 3+ Student Cap of $165.00
    • Each actor must also bring in $250.00 through fundraisers, with a 3+ Student Cap of $750.00.
    • We do this through ads, well-wishes, fundraisers or donations – this actually sounds harder than it is because we have A LOT of ways to help you achieve this.  There is also a buyout for those who want to go that route
    • Parents must sign up for TWO jobs.  One Pre-Production Job and One Production Job.  Both parents may volunteer.  Volunteer job sign ups take place online.  Please take time to review the Job Descriptions, then using the online form, sign up for jobs that best suit your talents and giftings!
    • Parents must sign up for 2 Monitoring slots.
  5. When and Where are rehearsals?
    • As with any theatrical production, students with the larger parts will need to attend more rehearsals.  The acting and musical directors make every effort to maximize each rehearsal and to keep the number of rehearsals to a minimum and they will take all known scheduling conflicts into consideration.  Therefore it is very important that actors make all scheduling conflicts known to the directors and then commit to attending all rehearsals that involve their character.  If your actor has an existing commitment (like to spring sports) please discuss with them about auditioning for a smaller part.
    • In January through February rehearsals will be held three afternoons per week (not everyone will have to attend all rehearsals each week).  Starting in March rehearsals will go to four afternoons per week (again not everyone will have to be at all rehearsals) and beginning two – two and a half weeks before the performance, rehearsals will be four to five afternoons per week (these will be full runs and will require all actors to attend).
    • ​​Our Rehearsal Venue is donated to us by the following:
      • Living Hope Church – 3030 Schoolhouse Road, Middletown
  6. Do parents need to be present at all rehearsals?
    • ​​No there will be volunteer monitors that will help the directors keep order so parents do not have to stay for rehearsals (unless you’re the monitor!).
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